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Vanilla Sky
Vanilla Sky1 week ago
Some weeks ago we ended up in a skatepark playing our newest song.
Thanks to Pop Up - Live Sessions
Here’s the video 👁
Vanilla Sky - Stranger Things
"So why you get away from me?" #STRANGERTHINGS I Vanilla Sky​ vi augurano un buon inizio di settimana tra gli Halfpipe e gli skate del Bunker SkatePark​.
Vanilla Sky
Vanilla Sky2 weeks ago
Ops! We did it again.

We’ve never felt so Italian before today 🇮🇹
Vanilla Sky - Italiano Vero
Video Credits ---------------------- From an original idea of Francesco Sarsano. Additional content by Vincenzo Mario Cristi. Edited and animated by Vincenzo...
Vanilla Sky
Vanilla Sky4 weeks ago
Here’s the video for our cover version of a very popular traditional russian song. We’ve been told this song is about bears 🐻🐻. Enjoy (наслаждаться)
Vanilla Sky
Vanilla Sky - Pesenka O Medvedyakh (Песенка о Медведях)
Pesenka O Medvedyakh (Песенка о Медведях) VIDEO CREDITS --------------------- From an idea of Vincenzo Mario Cristi and Francesco Sarsano All Vanilla Sky foo...